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Mama, i see you..

Tired of always yelling at your kids and then feeling guilty about it

Tired of never having time for yourself and feeling drained by the end of the day

Tired of not having control of your kids and them not listening to you

Tired of comparing yourself to other moms and wishing you had it better

"Am I doing something wrong?"

I get it mama

Parenting is hard, and it's easy to get overwhelmed, feel burnt out and stressed

But here's the good news: my online course, The Damn Good Mother, is here to help.

This course is designed to help moms rewrite their motherhood story.

by prioritizing self care, joy and being the best version of themsleves!

I'll teach you practical strategies, tools and everyday techniques to manage your emotions, shift your mindset and put yourself first!

Infuse more self love, gratitude and joy into your life.

Because being a calm, happy mama is attainable!

The Damn Good Mother

Is an online course that focuses on THE MOM.

As moms, we often put our needs last, leaving us feeling exhausted and depleted.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In this course, we’ll dive into learning to prioritize yourself so that you never neglect yourself ever again.

You will learn to shift your mindset, so that you become a more positive mom and increase your self worth, self esteem and confidence

I give you the exact blueprint to being a more calm mom who doesn't uses yelling to get her kids attention.

But instead learns to regulate her nervous system, is more patient and communicates her needs.

Becoming the best version of you

The Damn Good Mother recognizes the importance of having a positive and loving environment in your home.

It's not just about being a good mom; it's about being the best version of you.

I will help you to improve communication and build stronger relationships with your spouse and children.

This course will empower you to redefine what motherhood means to you

Grab the pen and re-write your motherhood story

And become the mom that you want to be, allowing you to enjoy your life and find fulfillment both within and outside of motherhood.

Here's what you'll learn!

and so much more..

Mindset Shifts

Your mindset is key to creating your dream life and being the mom that you want to be. I share tools, and tips to shift your mindset and how you view yourself.

Shifting your mindset to a more loving, empowering one will help you be the woman and mom you crave to be.

Ditch negative self talk

How you talk to yourself is important. Learning to quiet your inner mean critic and instead embrace a more loving and compassionate self talk.

Will help you see yourself how God sees you, an amazing and true special woman.Increasing your self esteem and worth.

Self care

You will learn how to stop putting yourself last and finally learn to fill your cup first.

Practice self care everyday with my simple and yet effective tips and self care ideas.

Become a calm and happy mama

I have the secret sauce in becoming a more calm and happy mama.

Your kids deserves a mom who loves her life, who is happy and present. I show you how!

Overcome stress and burnout

Stress and burnout is the number one reason moms are so miserable and tired.

I give you the exact formula to overcome the stress, to deal with any situation with calm and easy because you are in control of YOURSELF!

Stop being an angry mom and stop yelling for good

Finally a course that teaches you how to feel your feels and learn to manage your emotions.

Get ready to stop being a n angry moody mom and become the mom you want to be! fun, funny, loving and partient!

Create the perfect morning and nighttime routine to THRIVE

Moms thrive on routines and that's why I'm sharing with you how to create the perfect routine that works for YOUR LIFE!

How to be a more present mom and build stronger relationships

Want your kids to talk to you more and trust you with their problems?

I help you build stronger relationships and communication with your children. So you can be the one they go to with anything!

You're more than just a mom. Make your personal goals a reality

Remember, you're more than just a mom! So, get ready to make your personal dreams and goals a reality!

want to lose weight? Want to start your business? want to be more positive and happy? Want to have a stronger marriage?

No problem! I can help you :)

Choose You and start today

Meet your Life coach

Hola! I'm Ros Emely, mama of three, wife to my high school sweet heart and boxer dog mom :)

I Know what you're feeling, I was you - stressing, carrying the mental load of motherhood, constantly yelling at my kids. I felt terrible.

I loved my kids but felt like being a mom was so hard and I wasn't fully present. Until I started to change things in my life.

Starting with how I showed up to myself. I realized that I couldn't pour from an empty cup.

I needed to practice self-care because if I wasn't taking care of myself mentally, emotionally, and physically, I couldn't be the best mom I wanted to be.

I also stopped being so hard on myself and ditched the negative self-talk. As a mom, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like we have to be perfect and do everything right. But the truth is, none of us are perfect, and that's okay.

Learning to give myself grace and accepting that I'm doing the best I can made a huge difference in how I felt as a mom.

Instead of beating myself up over every little mistake or feeling guilty for not being able to do it all, I started to focus on the positive things I was doing and the love I had for my kids.

This shift in mindset helped me be more present and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

and I'm here to teach you!

Testimonials from 1:1 coaching clients

“For years I was stuck in the same place. I wouldn’t leave my girls with anyone, in fear that I was bothering. I spent so many years neglecting self care, and letting anxiety control me, that by the time I decided to do something about it, 6 years had passed since the last time my husband and I had a solo date. Having Ros Emely as my life coach has changed things so much for me. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, my Husband and I have made it a priority to go out twice a month and I cannot remember the last time I had an anxiety attack. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love the woman, mom and wife I am getting back.” -Cheila mom of two

Hello my name is Valeria, l’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls! Ros Emely helped me change the way l approach situations now. She helped me overcome my mom guilt! She is an awesome person to talk to. I enjoyed all the sessions we had together. If you are having a hard time as a mom, l definitely recommend Ros Emely; she is AMAZING at what she does, which is to help moms feel better. I am very thankful l came across her!”

“Working with Rosemely has been one of my more rewarding experiences on my journey throughout motherhood. She has supported me, challenged me, and cheered me on as we unpacked some deep rooted roadblocks that had been holding me back from reaching my full potential. I have been able to see single-motherhood as more of a reward and make time to remember my needs. Allowing me to give my best self to my twins. I’ve grown to believe in my abilities to accomplish anything I have the desire to. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have her as my mentor. Rosemely, you are truly a mom we moms need in our corner. Thank you so much!” Nicki, toodler twin mom

More than just self care...

Because life as a mom is more than just taking care of yourself...

It goes much deeper than

Mindset practices and shifting your thoughts

Building self awareness

Communication skills


Positive thoughts

Boost Self acceptance, self worth and self esteem

More JOY and Fulfilled Motherhood life..

Say GOODBYE to the old you and HELLO to the new you!

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become the best version of yourself as a mother.

So why wait? Click that button and start your transformation today.

Becoming the best version of you is just a click away!

Ready? Let’s go!

More client LOVE...

“Miss Ros truly changed my life. I know I have a lot more work to do but my lanta this woman has made me challenge myself and made me forgive people I didn’t even know I was harboring hate for. She instilled so much confidence in me and I truly believe I can do anything. I can change my story and my outlook on things even at 32. It’s never too late to work on yourself and give yourself the gift of life coaching! You will absolutely 100% not regret it.” Kala-new mom of 1

“Working with Ros will change your life. She changed mine in ways I didn’t even realize needed to be changed to become the version of myself I always dreamt of. Ros has an amazing way of asking the best questions, and helping you learn how to ask yourself the most powerful questions, that uncover the answers you need to uncover. She’s down-to-earth, compassionate, kind, fun, funny, with a wealth of knowledge in mindfulness, manifestation, self-awareness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, relationships and online business. I am so grateful to call her a mentor and have been able to learn from her. Because of the time we spent working together, I have built a solid foundation in my personal and professional life that will carry me forward in a calmer, more content life, where I achieve more of the things I’ve always wanted to achieve. Thank you SO SO MUCH Ros! You are THE BEST!” Poppy_ mom of toddler twins

I truly feel blessed by the time I spent working with Ros Emely. I started our work thinking that I wanted/needed a greater village as a single mom and, while this was true, Ros Emely helped me realize that the work I needed to do was so much bigger. She encouraged me to shift my mindset in ways that I didn't even realize were necessary. Through our work, I realized that my fears were permeating every area of my life. She wasn't afraid to challenge me and push me when I needed it. While I still have a journey ahead of me, Ros Emely has set me on the right path and I look forward to continuing our work together. _Elizabeth - mom of 1

Just imagine living your best mom life

Waking up every morning feeling grateful and excited

Instead of dreading the day before it even starts

Imagine feeling joy and being more present with your children

Imagine always having time for self care, feeling good about yourself and being a confident mama

Imagine having calm mornings with your kids without the fights, bribing and stress

Imagine having a strong fun loving relationship with your partner

Imagine never losing your shit around your kids or being an angry mom who is always moody

Imagine being the mom that you’ve always dreamed of being, having the life of your dreams and truly loving your life as a mom.

my course will teach you exactly that❤️

See you inside mama

More to LOVE about the course:

*Lifetime access. As long as the course is standing :)

*Convenient Online course, take it wherever and whenever.

*Video modules and worksheets and journal prompts to apply to your own life. You can also print out!

Start TODAY!

see you inside mama :)

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