How Not To Lose Yourself In Motherhood

It's time FOR YOU to be happier and fully enjoy being a mom without feeling like you've lost yourself in it.

This is your time mama, take it!

I didn't recognize myself. There I was taking care of my three children and my husband. There I was on my second day with the same stained shirt I had on the day before. My hair was not done, I didn't have makeup on and I felt lost. Lost in motherhood. Why did I feel so miserable with MYSELF?

Can you can relate to this scenario?

After that day, I had a realization. I knew I had to stop living like this. From that day on, I always got dressed, put makeup on and set goals for myself. I needed to find my voice, I needed to find "ME" again. And I did and you can too!

Taking care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your dreams will not and cannot be put on the back burner anymore.

Because of the changes this book will help you make. You're going to feel fulfilled, happier and excited about the future.

Yes you are a mother. But you are much more than that.

You can definitely have happy kids, a happy spouse and a happy household. And still have time for you. To make you happy. It's possible!



Being a mother is hard. It's demanding and you can easily drown in overwhelm if you let it.

You know that mom guilt?

Get rid of it!

You know that mommy burnout that does not let you live?

Overcome it!

On a brink of a breakdown?

Learn the steps to avoid it!

Learn the key steps to putting yourself first so that you can take care of your family the best way that you can.

You matter mama!

Learn how not to lose yourself in motherhood so you can start living with purpose!

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When you read this book, expect to transform your life for the better. Here's a look at the chapters of the book:

  1. Selfcare tips and ideas. How to find the time fo self care as a busy mom.
  2. Learn how to create a system to stay organized with your house chores, meal times, ect.
  3. Learn the secrets of so many moms to being a happier and less stressed mama.
  4. Mommy burnout tips. How to stop it and what to do top avoid being on that state.
  5. Comparison is the key to destruction. Avoid it. I'll show you how.
  6. This is the magic trick to having a balance between being a working mom and being a mom to your kids once you are home. Or work from home.
  7. Guilt is something that so many moms struggle with. It is possible to stop feeling guilty about things you can't control. I'll show you how eliminating guilt can con consume your mom life with positivity, productivity and happiness.
  8. Built on, nurture and love on your relationship even on the midst of motherhood. Your spouse needs loving too.
  9. Grace
  10. Remove the mom stigma. Be you, love yourself, be fun and happy!


Here is what moms like you are saying after taking the course

"When it comes to motherhood, things can get very messy. My house can be a mess at times, breakfast, lunch and dinner isn't always on time, and my appearance, that takes a whole chapter on its own. It is so easy to get lost in this journey. My kids always look great, my husband does too, but me, I can use some help, especially now with a brand new baby (six years after my first!) Reading "How not to lose yourself in motherhood" has opened up a few doors for me. It reminds us that we were a whole person before having kids. It makes you feel good about putting yourself first sometimes. The kids are taken care of, spoil yourself a little every once in a while. This book helps remind you about the fun date nights you had once upon a time (which you deserve now more than ever.) Motherhood is the most rewarding job we will ever have, it teaches us about a greater love we never knew existed, patience we never knew we had, and fills a void we didn't know needed filling, but it can also, unintentionally, mask who we once were, this book helps you gain that back"

~Cheila, mom of 2

"This is an excellent, quick read for moms. Very relatable with tips that I never even thought about. Also the bonuses are super helpful!"

- Mary, stay at home mom of 3


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Are you ready to take the first steps in finding joy within yourself in the midst of motherhood?

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Ros Emely Ferreira
Ros Emely Ferreira

I am a mama of three beautiful children who definitely are the culprit of every single white hair I have. Well, I'll give two or three to my hubby!

I am the owner and writer of the blog Which focuses on pregnancy, baby and motherhood tips.

I want you to feel like you're getting useful advice from a friend (me!). No professional, big words or medical terms here. That's boring!

I'm a real mama who's passionate about helping other moms rock, feel confident and happier in their motherhood journey.Welcome!

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